A collective (or tribe) of artists and people who live their everyday life free-spirited while representing a higher level of consciousness, atonement and enlightenment in a world that suppresses knowledge and true understanding with material wealth, sex and drugs. IN POSSESSING THIS EVOLVED WAY OF THINKINGit is then that imagination and creation process can truly be explored, thus bringing out one’s true potential both artistically and as a person.

image1Before we proceed, we must clarify what culture is and is not. Most people fail to examine culture as the fundamental source of the behavior of the majority of people because they have been trained to think of culture as specifically pertaining to the arts (music, painting, literature, clothing, etc.) To gain a clear understanding of the term ‘culture’, we must reference it with the opposite. The term culture pertains to the group of terms that include agriculture, cultivation, cultigen, etc. Running through all these terms is the idea of human effort and influence in the growth of something away from its natural wild form. Seeing that the main blame of the cause of marital problems must be laid on the errors in the culture, we must then conclude that the solutions to these problems must be sought in the reformation of the culture. If, to give an example, 3% of the population comes down with an illness, you will look into the constitution, and lifestyle of the sick individuals, on the other hand, if 50% of the population comes down with the same illness you must then look not at the individuals, but for some social or environmental cause of the problem.

A survey of the scientific experimental literature will show that many scientists study animal behavior to “understand” and validate human behavior. There is the general failure to understand that animals behave as they do because their cerebral cortex, which is the division of the brain created to curb the animalistic behaviour of the two lower brains developed in them, while with humans, it is a different story. We are all aware that we have the ability on one hand to differentiate between parts of a whole and between members of a group (to segregate and analyze) and on the other hand to recognize the elements that unite parts into a whole (to congregate and synthesize). The segregative and analytical functions are carried out by the left hemisphere, while the congregative and synthesizing functions are carried out by the right hemisphere of the cerebrum. Since adrenaline mediates the function of the left hemisphere of the brain they are very aggressive, they are segregative and analytic, unable to keep from separating things that belong together; women from men, religion from science, government, education and philosophy, man from nature, food from healing, governors from the governed, management from labor, producers from consumers, races etc. Since the acetyl choline mediates the function of the right hemisphere of the brain, they tend to be peaceful, able to create and maintain harmony and unity of ideas as well as behavior in the personal and social sphere, etc. Once we gain full understanding of the principles we will see that much of what humans believe to be transcendental of the biological within them is in reality determined by it.
Many cultural institutions have failed to note the danger of allowing this part of the brain to control human behavior. Instead in many cases society has given religious, scientific, and philosophic endorsement to many behaviors originating from the part of the brain, a survey of the literature of psychobiology will show that the knowledge that there are portions of the brain that influence man to animalistic behavior has been well documented for some time now. Why this knowledge has not been full publicized and elaborated into positive behavioral models in keeping with society, which consistently shows a discrepancy between its scientific knowledge and its way if life. It is most likely that at the dawn of the formation of western culture, the ancestors of western man did not know of or understand these animal influences operating in his being but for today’s westerner to ignore this insight is inexcusable.
Let’s first note that the spirit is made up of (or has been divided into) seven functional divisions, each housing one or three of ten faculties. While the top 5 and 2/3 faculties are dormant in most people (not evolved yet), the lower 4, and 1/3 of the sixth are active (evolved). This presentation of the spirit and it’s major 10 faculties represent a complete view of mans spiritual anatomy. It also provides us with the master key for what is wrong with man/woman and how to correct it. Returning to the understanding that 5 2/3 faculties are dormant in most people, and the principle that the input of all ten faculties is needed to achieve error-free behavior and that it is only then we can deduct that the problem stems from functioning in an incomplete (imperfect) state, and the solution depends not on merely informing and educating, but on the awakening of the dormant higher faculties (note the perfection/completion of spiritual awakening is not necessary for a good relationship). For the longest time scholars have known that the word “perfect” simply meant “complete” with the connotation of flawlessness. Because they have been unable to intelligently apply the concept of human perfection, which simple refers to a fully developed person. The Kamitic Knowledge of the spirit (The tree of life) gives us a objective and accurate paradigm or model for dealing with the subject.
Now, before we take the first step of the journey towards the higher part of the spirit, we have to make the emotional faculties amenable to control. Failure to do so can derail the spiritual growth process as it becomes tougher. The work to be done here involves the adoption of a clean and correct diet, a balance life style (exercise, proper rest, and sexual moderation) to regulate the generation and expenditure of energy. By poisoning the nervous system it is extremely difficult to gain control over the spiritual functions which are the methods employed in initiations. Moving from top to bottom, following our growth pattern properly proceeds by correcting ill conditionings and imbalances in the lower faculties on this awakening of the higher dormant faculties. Spiritual training is also needed to establish a cultural pattern of caring, nourishing, kindness, and compromising as substantiations of love. Our inability to nourish and care for others grows out due to on one hand, just not knowing because our consciousness has not been elevated by the “teachers” in our society, to the higher parts of the spirit that author such behavior. On the other hand, many people are not inclined to nourish others, that is, to help their “loved ones” fulfill their destiny (careers, health needs, spiritual needs, etc..) because they are wrapped up in the selfish lower part of the spirit/brain. The same can be said for compromise, we cannot meet each other half-way if our culture does not elevate us above the selfish animalistic part of being.
We have seen then that Love is the label for a bottle containing another one labeled selflessness, which in turn contains the real food: caring, nourishing, kindness, compromise and so on. We must take note the fact that a common betrayal of a low level of spirituality is the use of terms without the understanding of the objective realities indicated by the words. It is not uncommon to find people who will vent their anger at their “loved ones”, dishonor them, disrespect them royally, show no or little concern over their health, or career, yet swear that they love them, a careful look will show that most often these people are sincere in their belief, so as tribe members and representatives of Higher Learning, our duty is to change the idea of the misguided and make a human effort to improve, refine, customize, and spread awareness through art, clothing, music, instrumental’s, paintings, movies, etc. with our main goal being to encourage a set of a ideas and agencies used to change the behavior of people from wild and animalistic into the refined social qualities that are required to bring about a harmonious and stable, thus prosperous society. Higher Learning we are the tribe!
Author: Ra Un Nefer Amen

© 2015 Higher Learning Culture

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